Driving School Rzeszow

Learn to drive a car with us!

Category B courses:

– manual gearbox: 2600 PLN
– automatic gearbox: 2,700 PLN

By signing up for the course, you will receive all the necessary study materials!

How to sign up for the course and get your driving license?

1. Fill out the application form online or in person
2. Make an advance payment of 200 PLN in cash or by bank transfer.
3. Create a PKK number (Driver Candidate Profile)

What do I need to get a PKK?

1. Medical examinations (it’s possible to do it in our center with our doctor, cost is PLN 100) 2. Photo

How to create a PKK?

1. Take you medical examination form and your photo to the department of communication office – appropriate to your place of residence.
2. There you will complete a driving license application and receive your PKK number.

If you need any more information or have any further questions, write to us! – biuro@auto-lekcja.pl